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Welcome to the Judi Boisson Home Collection Online Catalog, offering hundreds of copyrighted designs by Judi Boisson, well known for creating some of the most beautiful handmade quilt designs, rug designs, linens, and decorative pillows found in America. Influenced by having lived in Italy, Suriname, French Guyana, and in the wide open spaces of Texas, Judi’s passion for color and creativity, was ignited. Judi’s designs embellish the homes of U.S. Presidents, and of regular folks. Her quilts are displayed in museums and Presidential Libraries.

Judi’s quilts are made with loose surgical cotton which wiggles its way between the hand stitches while being washed, exuding the subtle beauty of antique American quilts.

Judi Boisson's designs are made for durability and longevity. She uses up to 60 colors per rug, making it an easy task to use them in any setting - such as next to kids bedding, or close to a sofa. Her colorful area rugs are put to great use in any entranceway, before a fireplace, in a kitchen, or in a bathroom.

Judi’s quilts, her rugs, her linens, and decorative pillows are designed to stand on their own, as well as to “mix” with other Judi Boisson designs. Her embroidered linens are made with layers of embroidery thread, enhancing the beauty of its fine hand work.

Judi Boisson’s decorative pillows add a touch of whimsy wherever they’re placed. Her “Alphabet” decorative baby pillows, can spell out your baby’s name or teach them their ABC’s, while her hand hooked pillow will make you feel like a cowgirl in the Old West, ready to take that welcomed, hard earned afternoon nap!

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