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Welcome to my Catalog

Every summer when I was little, my parents rented an old Victorian house in Upstate, N.Y. filled with quilts. In the evening after, the air full of wild roses, we used to sit in the front parlor and listen to my mother's records. The house was always filled with people and laughter and quilts.

Many of my best memories are from those summers. I was the middle of three girls. We would lie on the floor on the braided rugs in front of the stone fireplace or on our bedroom quiltsand play with our toys or read our books.

I loved the time when Americans enjoyed more time at home with their families, and I've tried to bring that same sense of easy harmony to my Southampton home and my quilts. My house and quilts reflect a comfortable enjoyment that was instilled in me as a child. Adorned throughout with my quilts and rugs, in my my house I've love mixing the old with the new.

Each of the quilts in my collection is designed in that same spirit. Masterfully handcrafted and exquisitely beautiful, the unique appeal of my quilts is that they are meant to be used. On the wall as a work of art, on the sofa to keep warm, or simply on a bed, the quilts are so easily compatible with every day living. All cotton and machine washable, the quilts also offer a no-fuss quality I know you appreciate.

I am sure you are going to love this new online quilts and rugs store. I welcome any thoughts you may have about the quilts collection or any other products.

Warmest regards,

Judi Boisson